"Learning through sharing, passion, laughter and undivided harmony"

Movement @ Seventy3: Photography Competition – Winners

This is the moment many of you have been waiting for .. the OFFICIAL results of the Movement @ Seventy3 Photography Competition!

Winners will be contacted via email shortly.

1st Prize: Photo 6 by Ong Lok Lin (LSCT / BMS)

When everything turns upside down

2nd Prize: Photo 8 by Diyana Atieqah Bte Abdul Malek (ME / AT)

I've learnt to talk with my fingers, the only voice that wakes my senses

3rd Prize: Photo 2 by Yeo Kian Wee (ICT / IT)

Even in the dark of the night, human and vehicle traffic still come and go, with taxis or private cars picking up tired students and lecturers and heading home. All these movements are under the watchful gaze of block Seventy3. When morning arrives, students and lecturers alike will walk past it, albeit in the opposite direction from the previous night.

Consolation Prize: Photo 1 by Noel Lee Ji Shen (LSCT / BMS)

When we take our surroundings for granted, who is there to clean up after us? The unsung heroes of the environment.

Consolation Prize: Photo 10 by Lau Zhe Hao (BA / ACC)

Seventy Three is about Unlimited Possibilities

Most Favourite Photograph: Photo 5 by Xu ShaoWen (BA / BIT)


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