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Team Bonding Camp + Forms

Dear Members, a Team Bonding Camp preparation is going on currently as you read this! Do look out for it!

September 4, 2011 Edit (as indicated in the email sent out this afternoon):

The camp will be held from 7 October (Friday), 8 am to 9 October (Sunday) 2 pm.

Please register on-line for the camp at http://goo.gl/Xw1b9, and fill in the Indemnity Form enclosed and return it to us by 11 September 2011 or you will not be allowed to attend the camp. You can pass the form personally or email us with the scanned image attached to cca_photo@connect.np.edu.sg.

Do put on comfortable attire and sports shoes as there will be game sessions. As you part of the programme, we will require you to bring your cameras.

In addition, for us to keep track of the membership status, we require you to fill up two forms:
Club Registration Form – http://goo.gl/wz8mX
Club Health Declaration Form – http://goo.gl/ka5SZ