"Learning through sharing, passion, laughter and undivided harmony"

43rd Committee (AY 11/12)

President: Cuthbert Chia Wei Heng
Acting Vice President / Secretary: Alaine Teu Pu Yin
Treasurer: Noraisah Bte Mohd Jaafar
Events Manager: Norman Tan Teck Jun (Also I/C for SoE ECE and EE Divisions)
Logistics Officer: Kaizer Tan Wei Rong
Group Leaders:
Bryson Leo Qi Xin (I/C for SoE ME Division)
Lim Kai Sheng (I/Cs for School of BA)
Md Zulhilmi B Abdul Kadir (I/C for SoE BE Division, School of FMS and ICT)
Siti Nur ‘Afifah Bte Abdellah (I/C for School of HMS and HS)
Ta Le Duc Huy (I/C for School of LSCT)

Back: Norman Tan Teck Jun, Lim Kai ShengCuthbert Chia Wei Heng, Kaizer Tan Wei Rong, Md Zulhilmi B Abdul Kadir
Front: Alaine Teu Pu Yin, Bryson Leo Qi Xin, Ta Le Duc Huy, Siti Nur ‘Afifah Bte Abdellah
Not in Picture:  Noraisah Bte Mohd Jaafar